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New Print User


Explains how to set up a new user in the printer system. After completing this how-to you will have added the new user to the printers at all of the Concepts participating locations (Urbandale, West DSM, South DSM, Altoona, Ankeny, Polk City). 

Add user to Papercut software (the printer system)


Go to 

Username: admin

Password: acdi1234


Once logged in, click Users tab on the home page.

Papercut Home - Users.png


Select Create internal user under the Actions box.

Papercut - Create User.png


See below for the fields that need to be completed. Also, set the password as iowa2013. (It doesn't particularly matter what the password is ... We are not giving agents access to this program, and an admin can access any of the users without using a password. Plus, you can change the password at any time.) Then click Register and user will be added.

Note: The user is added to the entire system, so he/she will be able to enter code at each participating office's printer.

Create internal user.png

Add user to Address Book at each printer


Click Devices from the main tabs at the top. Using the Hostname column, open each printer (by copying/ pasting URL into a new tab on browser) to add the user to each printer's email address book.

Login Name: admin

Password: admin

Printer URLs.png


Select Address Book from the left box.



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