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The Concepts Way


The printers in the Altoona, Ankeny, Polk City, South DSM, Urbandale & West Des Moines locations use Google Cloud Print to print. You can print to any of these printers, from anywhere, from any device, as long as you are signed in to google.

Notes: It works best when using the Chrome browser.



1. Find the invites for the printers in your email inbox - from "Google Cloud Print Notifications" as shown below. 

Cloud Print Notification.png

2. From any device, open the email in your inbox and click "Add printer" on one of the invites, as shown below.

Cloud Print Email.png

3. It will open in a new tab, which is Accept the printer invites in the yellow bar across the top of the page. You only have to accept once and all of the printers will be accepted. Make a bookmark on your browser

Note: If you can't find the printer invites (even after searching), let Bekah or Marinela know that you need the printers to be shared with you.


  1. It is easiest to be logged into google (your Concepts email account) on the Chrome browser. Once you are logged into google, you can print from email/ attachments, dotloop, matrix, RPR, etc (anything you open in that browser).
  2. Select print, and click the "Change" button under "Destination." Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, under Google Cloud Print, and there will you see the printers you have accepted.
  3. If you have a file on your desktop that you need to print, you can simply save it to your google drive and print from there. Or, you can follow these steps:
  • Go to (make sure to save this as a bookmark)
  • Click on Inline image 4 and select "Upload file to print"
  • Click on "Select a file from my computer." Once you select the file, it will take you to the print box.


If you are unable to print, there are several things to try.

  1. If you have another gmail account, make sure you are signed into your Concepts email address for printing. (The printers are tied to that account.) You can check this by selecting print on a page. Then, click the "Change" button under "Destination." It will say "Printing as [email address]" ... you will want to make sure your Concepts email is selected.
  2. If you are signed in to your Concepts email, and it still isn't working, start by restarting the printer itself.
  3. If that doesn't work, restart the computer that the printer runs from by following these steps.
    • Find the mac mini (usually in a maintenance closet, or where all the internet and other office wiring is located). It is a little silver box - about the size of a sandwich tupperware - with the apple on top.Mac Mini.jpg
    • Press and hold down the little power button on the back of the box, until the light on the front goes off. 
    • Wait a few seconds and then push the power button again so that the light on the front comes back on.