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Realtor Property Resource Announcement


RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts supports Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®).  As a Concepts Agent, you know our company is committed to providing you the most innovative technology and marketing opportunities available. The latest technology Concepts has adopted is Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). RPR offers you a depth of information that can enhance your value to clients and customers. Available only to REALTORS®, as part of NAR membership, RPR has hundreds of datasets on over 150 million properties, including:

  • Public records and tax assessments
  • School zoning and ratings
  • FEMA flood maps
  • The largest database, by county, of foreclosure and NOD information in the U.S.
  • Mortgage and lien data
  • Demographics and lifestyle information
  • Comprehensive and impressive reports

And much more!

We have taken this valuable member benefit further by implementing RPR’s Broker Tool Sets (BTS). The BTS will allow Concepts Agents to leverage the market strength of RE/MAX as you use RPR’s features and reports with your clients.

While we are excited about the company and branding support that the Broker Tool Sets will offer us, the real key to gaining a market advantage is in making sure you continue to be the best trained and educated agents in the world. We believe like any technology, the market edge will belong to those who make the best use of every tool available.

If you have already created an RPR account, you will see RE/MAX branding the next time you login. If you have not created an RPR account, I encourage you to do so by going to and click on “Create New Account” to get started. Follow the steps to complete your account. If you have any questions, RPR has great resources to help you, including:

Creating an Account help

A Learning Center where anyone can learn RPR at their own pace

Free webinars offered frequently

Videos of REALTORS® that are using RPR successfully in their business

A 24/7 Customer Call Center available at 877.977.7576

Expect to see RPR highlighted at Monthly Breakfast and the Wednesday Momentum Training. RPR can be a powerful tool for those who commit to learning how to create market advantages out of opportunities. We are committed tohelping you make the most of this tremendous NAR member benefit.