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  • You can manage your client database in here. It is a simple tool but does have a Print Labels feature.

  • If



  • You can do drip campaigns by using a stock campaign (all of the emails already exist, you just select the group you want it to go to and turn it on). Or, you can create your own custom campaign by creating the emails and the day that each goes out.



  • Go to the Listings tab to check on your listings to make sure they are mapped properly (particularly for new construction). There is an icon that will be green if correctly mapped, yellow if unsure and red if not mapped correctly. It will allow you to change the mapping if yellow or red.

  • You will see the url for a single property minisite for a listing that you can use to send to people. There is also a QR code that you can use.

  • There are reports you can pull, such as seller reports, virtual showings of your listings, listings viewed on website, and mls updates.

Site Builder:

  • You can do as little or as much customization to your website as you would like.

  • You can point your domain (aka url) to your website. Bekah or Marinela can help you with this - just provide your domain host login info and which domain(s) to re-direct.

    • If you don’t have a domain, we highly recommend you get one. You can purchase one at, for $5-15 a year. And, you own that domain as long as you pay each year. You can do your name (e.g. or a catchy one (e.g.

  • You can add Marketing Source Codes to your url (aka domain), so that when you use the url in marketing efforts, it will track how many times the website is clicked on through the marketing.

    • You will want to create different source codes for each type of promotion you do, and you can give each one a description so that you know where that click came from.

    • Once you create a source code in Leadstreet, you add it to your url (that you are going to include in marketing) using the following structure:

      • Description: Google Ad Word

      • Source code: g1

      • Url: