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Good Website Content


Good Website Content


What can you add to your website that will make it stand out from the crowd and entice web visitors to spend time on your site, register, and ultimately convert into a sale? Remember that search engines love unique content, so take the time to write your own articles. Stick to what you know, and of course, what you love!


  1. Discuss how to prepare your pets and/or kids for a move (common problems, helpful tips, etc.)

  2. Add photos with captions for each community/SEO landing page.

  3. Highlight your personal charities with logos. Offer to make a donation to the charity of a client’s choosing at time of closing.

  4. Add a custom community page with links to local schools, businesses, and places of interest.

  5. Add a page that caters to Service members: include branch of service insignia to attract and appeal to comrades. Add content specific to the needs of military personnel.

  6. Office websites – write about internal contests or events happening in the office. Use this to encourage agents in the office to become more involved in local community events, clubs, and charities.

  7. Add a city landing page with links to neighborhood/condo searches.

  8. Highlight real estate market updates.

  9. Create a page dedicated to local sports teams in your area.

  10. Add a page dedicated to the history of the your primary market area (may also include searches for homes in historic districts).

  11. Create a page with a buyers list in order to match buyers with sellers.

  12. Include college affiliations to attract/appeal to fellow graduates and millennials.

  13. Focus on one specific demographic group. For example, you may have a page dedicated to the needs of physicians with searches around the local hospitals.

  14. Add a page dedicated to a special niche such as historical homes, golf courses, lakefront communities, etc.

  15. Include Agent Insight widgets on SEO search pages.

  16. Add a page that highlights fun things to do in the area or unique facts about your community.

  17. Participate in local community activities in your area and post information/photos about those events.

  18. Consider adding custom videos to your community landing pages. This could be as simple as you talking about the community or offering a driving tour.

  19. List your top ten favorite restaurants in town and why you like each of them. Try to talk about restaurants off the beaten path.

  20. Include floor plans for popular new construction communities.

  21. Add a page for neighborhoods with parks (could include SEO searches for homes in those neighborhoods).

  22. Add a custom page with a list of frequently asked questions that agents get asked by their customers.

  23. Add a short, unique paragraph to an SEO search that describes the community in your own words. Borrow facts from another site if necessary, but write the content using your own words.

  24. Create custom content based on the customer’s buying cycle: dreaming, initiating, shopping, negotiating, transacting, owning.

  25. Use video! Interview some of your local politicians and/or restaurant owners and find places to highlight them on your website.

  26. Create a page that uses humor to discuss the do’s and dont’s of home buying. Use your own experiences with clients (sometimes you just can’t make these things up!).

  27. Write an article about the places in your community that offer live music, especially those that are free to the public.

  28. Consider adding a “Just for Kids” page that has fun games and links to local youth activities.

  29. Create a page dedicated to the local schools – highlight achievements such as championship games, local clubs, or academic excellence. Include property searches for each school.

  30. Customize your profile page. In addition to adding your certifications, make it personal. Talk about why you love selling real estate in your community.

  31. Add a Google calendar showing events being hosted or attended.

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