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The Concepts Way

Your Personal Transaction Coordinator (TC)

Your Transaction Coordinator (TC) will assist you with the listing side coordination for your sales. This will allow you to spend more time with your clients and less time on the details.

Your Listing Side Deals, Your TC will provide

  • Concepts Service Center Intro: Email sent to lender, Buyer’s agent, and Seller.
  • Abstract: Order abstract update for lender.
  • HOA: Obtain Homeowner’s Association affidavit signature, if applicable.
  • Title Opinion: Review and clear title objections.
  • Deed Package: Order deed package.
  • Mortgage Payoff: Order payoff for Seller’s mortgage.
  • Tax Proration: Calculate and prepare Tax Proration Agreement.
  • Settlement Figures: Confirm Seller’s cost; send to Settlement Agent.
  • HUD Statement: Review HUD1 prepared by Settlement Agent; send to Agent and Seller.
  • Schedule Deed & HUD1 Signing: Meet with Seller for review and signatures.
  • Deed Delivery: Arrange for deeds to be delivered to Settlement Agent.
  • Commissions: Schedule pickup and delivery of commission checks from the settlement location.
Have a quick question for your TC? Try using Google Hangouts, right from your Gmail home page!

If you are experiencing an issue that needs immediate attention, contact Jaimee Moore, the Team Leader.

Direct Number: (515) 271 – 8962 Email:

Your Buying Side Sales- You will need to let your TC know if

  •  A closing date changes
  • Buyer has changed the mortgage lender
  • Sales price/commission changes

Helpful Tip #1: The Sales Worksheet is REQUIRED to process your sales. If you do not have a Sales Worksheet fully completed when you submit your packet for review, your ACR will update the status of the packet as "Returned to Agent" and they will not begin processing your sale.

Helpful Tip #2: Cash and contract closings - On the ‘Sales Worksheet’ you would select ‘TRESC’ to handle the closing and have the Buyer Settlement Services Agreement signed. The Settlement Agent at TRESC will prepare the HUD-1, meet with the Buyer(s) for signatures, and disburse the funds.

Helpful Tip #3: When TRESC is acting as the Settlement Agent, they prepare the HUD-1 and disburse funds for your cash or contract closing. The buyer only has to pay the following fees, unless negotiated differently on the Purchase Agreement:

  • $225 Closing Fee to TRESC
  • $150-200 Title opinion fee paid to attorney
  • $290/125 Buyer broker compensation (on purchase agreement) to RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts
  • $17 Recording of deed to the county recorder (varies depending on number of pages in deed)
  • $30 wire fee (if applicable)

Helpful Tip #3: When TRESC is acting as the Settlement Agent for a loan closing, the cost is $425 closing fee to TRESC.